How to Promote Your Band

Need to Promote Your Band? Take a Look at this list of Ways to Promote Your Band and Music. We have listed ways to promote your band or music both through online and offline Promotional techniques. Some you probably have thought of, many you probably have not. Maybe some you just need some reminders on some of the more obvious ones! Either way, there are some great ideas, and links to very useful websites that can help promote your band, and your bands website or myspace. If you have feedback on any of these particular websites, or if you have ideas for our next version of this list, please contact us with that information at the bottom. Thank You

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1. Play Decent Music That Does Not Suck
2. Play your instrument on the roof of your house/apartment :)
3. Stay In Contact With Your Fans On Twitter.
4. Participate In Charitable Functions And Contact Your Local Paper To Do An Article
5. Have business cards and press kits ready to give out
6. Keep your fans in the loop (build a house email list with a program like constant contact or aweber)
7. Ask to Open For More Established Bands!
8. Promote Your Band's Website On Social Media Sites
9. Give Away Free Bowling Balls with your bands name on it.
10. Create a Musicspace (for musicians on myspace) to Promote Your Band
12.Hire A Myspace Promoter
13.Have someone video record your shows every time & put videos on YouTube.
15.Post In Online Community Forums and Message Boards
16.Post in Free Online Classifieds Such as Craigslist in the Musicians Section
17.Build a mailing list; one for fans, one for venues and blast with postcards.
18.Promote your band's website and musicspace in a Local Bands Directory
20.Promote Your Website through Social Media Channels
21.Get As Many Links From Other Sites to Your Website and Myspace to build your pagerank
22.Install and Maintain a blog on your website; i.e. website/blog
23.Submit Articles to (the top article syndication website online)
24.Post about your Band in Local online Music Forums for your local newspaper
25.Create and Distribute Online Press Releases about your band.
26.Get TARGETED Newspaper Ads Especially in local entertainment sections.
27.Play As Many Open Mics As Possible!
28.Play At Festivals and give Out Stuff!
29.Play For FREE Anywhere Possible
30.Signup For Battle of the Bands in your area
31.Play at Weddings! (If you do covers)
32.Dress your poodle in a doggie sweater with your bands picture on it
33.Hire a Booking Agent (choose carefully)
34.Stay In Contact With Your Fans with An Email Marketing Program
35.Give out Scratch And Sniff Stickers With Strange Smells.
36.Compete for prizes and band exposure on websites like ourstage
37.Contact the Music Critic at your local newspaper.
39.Do A Good Deed. What goes around comes around!
40.Signup for the Bachelorette and play your new album on the show pretending to fall in love with the bachelorette (ok maybe
you should think twice about this particular suggestion)
41.Get food posioning before going on stage and throw up while playing your songs, your fans WILL remember you.
42.Get Kittens and Have them wear kitten tshirts with your bands logo on it.
43.Run for president and then when you get elected give yourself major plugs when your doing your state of the union.
44.Hire hot girls to pretend to be groupies for your band (good pr).
45.Get Color Stage Banners
46.Put up Color Flyers of your band up Everywhere
47.Have Someone Videotape and Take Pictures of You at Shows
48.Upload Videos of your music and shows on DailyMotion, Yahoo Videos, and other video sharing sites.
49.Hire A Publicist To Get You in Magazines and Newspapers
50.Release Demo CD's to Record Companies
51.Prom ote Your Band on Second u are good maybe you will make it. If you stink at least act really crazy and wear something
weird so you get 30 seconds on TV.
59.Streak while wearing only your Band T-Shirt or Hat (Where this would be Legal).
60.Do What the Naked Cowboy Did (of course only where legal).
61.Attach Promotional Material, Bumper Stickers, Lettering, to Your Vehicle and Drive!
62.Design band shirts and give them away at your shows!
63.Host Local Open Mic Nights.
64.Give out Promotional Crap - people *love* collecting useless CRAP.
65.Participate in Local Charitable Functions - remember what goes around comes around!
66.Upload Your Songs Anywhere Possible
67.Give out as Much Stuff As Possible With Your Logo on it
68.Advertise Upcoming Shows and Events on Community Websites
69.Advertise Upcoming Album Releases On all fronts
70.Frequently Update Website, Myspace, and Blog if you have.
71.Name Your Cat After Your Band, and Put a Collar on it with it's name on it, and then let the cat get 'lost'.
72.Repeat #71 With Various Breeds of Dogs (Really Kidding About These Two).
73.Give Music Lessons and Bring Students into your following.
74.Participate in Community Groups.
75.Post in Local Forums on Craigslist and Other Websites.
76.Recruit Local Fans to Help Promote Your Band or Music for Free. Delegate!!!
77.One of the Absolute Best Ways to Promote Your Band is by Word of Mouth! Tell Everyone about Your Music and Ask Them to Listen or Come to a Show!